Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Are Your Pants Giving You The Slip?

When I was expecting, wore my regular jeans as long as possible. Afterwards, I dove right in to belly bands, my own unbuttoned jeans, and those horrible maternity jeans. I loved my bands, but I hated the fact that they would ride up in the back, and then my jeans would sag, or worse, much worse! It's hard to go out and sit down anywhere, and constantly adjust your pants and your band. One smart mom found a way to end those troubles!

Pocket Dots! Cute idea, cute product! I love these little dots and even though I am no longer expecting, you can be sure I'll use them the next time around. In the meantime, I can still use them when I layer my tees. There are no rules against it! I've seen too many girls sit down and show the world too much, even those that aren't expecting! Pocket Dots are easy to use. Simply open one side of the clip, position it on your band or tee, and push down to close. Open the other side and attach the clip to your back pocket, then close the same way. These fantastic clips are available in nude and black. Plastic teeth on the grips protect your clothing and allow the dots to stay in place. Just don't forget to remove them before it's time to wash your clothes. That would be my biggest problem! Pick up a set or two and don't show off your "assets" accidentally!

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