Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Recently I was given the opportunity to try Nectar Of The Gods. It's a serious detangler, deep treatment fluid conditioner. Given the name, I expected it to work magic on my hair. This product was completely new to me. I had never heard of the product or the company. And after a serious hair catastrophe a few years back (when I decided to trust a department store to do my highlights) I was a little hesitant to try a new product. After reading about it, I thought it sounded interesting enough and I gave it a try. My hair has been blond my entire life, well, at least until my late, late 20s. My hair is fine, but there's a lot of it. It's highlighted (so I can feel like a blond again!) every couple of months and I keep it shoulder length. The morning after it's arrival, I took my little blue glass bottle into the shower with me. Yes, it's glass. I happen to like that. But do be careful! After lathering up with a regular shampoo, I rinsed and toweled dry. After a few (more like 10) sprays, I combed through my hair and waited for three minutes to pass. After rinsing my hair and drying it, I noticed that my hair was smooth and shiny. I am a conditioner girl and I often pour a hearty handful on my hair after shampooing. I was surprised to find that this lightweight spray left my hair in the same condition as a ton heavy product. The next morning, I washed my hair and tried Nectar Of The Gods as a leave in conditioner. Now this is recommended for thick, damaged, dry, or coarse hair. I decided to go for it and I used it sparingly. After drying, my hair was full of life. I love this product! But if you use it as a a leave in, more is not always better. I did try it the third day as a leave in and I was a bit heavy handed with the sprayer. What can I say, I like the way it smells! This was not a great idea. My hair was a bit oily, and it was completely my fault. After rinsing I corrected my mistake and my hair was back to normal! Nectar Of The Gods stimulates individual cuticles to close themselves, seals them, then rinses off completely, leaving the hair free of the heavy embedded residue. Visit Nectar Of The Gods and learn more about this must-have product and bring your tresses back to life!

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