Thursday, April 2, 2009

Little Hero Capes, Coming Soon To A Hero Near You!

My oldest is always running around, his wild imagination turning him into all kinds of characters. Good always conquers evil and his character of choice is usually a caped superhero. He is quite entertaining and I never cease to be amazed by his determination to rid the world of bad. I always knew he was having fun, but when you give a real cape to your little superhero, you better watch out! Play gets a lot more serious and the part becomes more real! Of course, it's still fun!
Little Hero Capes turns ordinary children into caped superheros. They become leaders and they are ready to take on the world! It was so much fun watching my child jump from "building" to "building" and "fly" through the air. His smile was contagious, and no matter how serious he tried to be, he could not contain his happiness!
Little Hero Capes are durable and very well made! I was impressed with the materials used. You can design your own cape or choose from a wonderful selection. The capes are secured using high quality snaps. The cape also features a collar which may be placed upward for a more mysterious look. Complete the look with a coordinating mask and power cuffs! With Little Hero Capes, your child will always be ready to save the day!

Little Hero Capes Mission:
"A Little Hero’s mission is to empower imagination and create real world heroes!
Little Hero Capes allows you and your child to become real world heroes through each purchase. That is because with each purchase, 10% of the sale is donated directly to the Discovery Arts Program. This is a program that "brings music, art, dance and drama to children with cancer, serious blood disorders and life threatening illness while they are in the hospital receiving treatment." (
Furthermore, A Little Hero Courage Capes are available for purchase. This is a special line of capes that are delivered directly to the hospitalized child while they are undergoing treatment.
With Little Hero Capes, you not only help to expand your own child’s heroic adventures, but also can provide a child in need with a little more courage to face the day."
Surprise your child with a truly wonderful gift meant to inspire and bring out your child's best! Visit Little Hero Capes to order!

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