Friday, April 17, 2009

I've Gone Woolcrazy!

You heard right! I fell for these adorable wool creations right before Easter! I will be featuring Woolcrazy's Etsy Shop throughout the year. I received the softest, most adorable little bunny in the world. It was perfect, right down to the jingle. My little bunny is fuzzy and soft, made from recycled angora fabric. It is stuffed with wool and it keeps its warmth after being held. It's perfect for little ones. The eyes and nose are embroidered and ears are sewn on tight. It even has sewn in nylon whiskers! The simple Waldorf style bunny is tied with a ribbon and ready to love.
This adorable hatchling is cute too! If chicks aren't your thing, you'll love Woolcrazy's whimsical dragon! My oldest is into all things dragon, and he would love it! The Green Dragon hatchling comes into this world to bring wonder and magic. It has just broken out of it's shell, but if scared it can curl back up into it's egg and hide! I also love the owls. They are beautifully made! Woolcrazy is a unique shop, with creations inspired by nature. All handmade creations are made with natural and recycled fibers. Visit Woolcrazy and give your children a truly creative, imagination inspiring gift!

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Tumbleweed Trails said...

OMG these are adorable. I just adore that little chick on the egg shell half. How darling. It would look so darn cute on display here with me. LUV it!