Thursday, April 23, 2009

Gucci Coo! Clever Rabbit Clothing!

As soon as I stumbled upon Clever Rabbit Clothing, I was in awe of the witty tees and onesies. Calvin Whine, Gucci Coo, I A M A Q T, and Louis Spitton. These are just a few examples of the organic fun offered by Clever Rabbit Clothing! Onesies, Tees, Thermals and bibs. This fall they will be adding hats and pants! Clever Rabbit Clothing understands what parents go through and to lighten the mood and add a spark of humor into the lives of parents, they created this adorable line. We received a gorgeous green Gucci Coo. The green is intense and it holds it's color after numerous washes. The organic cotton is soft to touch and I can rest easy knowing that my child is not snuggling with toxic chemicals. The tees are perfect for 12- 24 months, Thermals for 3-24 months, and the onesies are offered in sizes 3- 12 months! Visit Clever Rabbit Clothing and pick up quality, made in the USA apparel for your little one!

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