Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Feed Your Lashes!

Want long luscious lashes with little effort? Tired of using eyelash curlers and extensions to add length to your short lashes? LashFood redefines your eyes. This eye opening formula has the ingredients to grow thicker, fuller lashes in weeks. LashFood is a natural eyelash conditioner that stimulates your lashes causing dramatic improvement in thickness and length. Lashes will be stronger and darker! Use twice daily, adding a thin coat to the base of your lashes. It's just like using a liquid eyeliner! Simple and non-irritating, I used it daily without any problems. My eyes are usually sensitive and I wear contacts. Some eye products will leave me with red, itchy eyes, but LashFood feels natural and my lashes are no longer thin and brittle. My lashes are definitely fuller! You can even use LashFood with your eyelash extensions to strengthen the bond between your natural eyelashes and your beautiful additions. Perfect for those of us that want longer lashes later, but need them now! Use code LF101APR09 at checkout to receive an additional 20% off through the end of April!!!

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