Friday, April 17, 2009

Cool Birthday Tees For Your Little Monster!

I found the coolest Birthday Tees at The Rocking Pony! The designs are perfect for the little monster in your life! We received a number 6, Monster Count Tee. The number six was hand cut and stitched, complete with teeth and eyes. He brought many laughs and smiles to the party. The Rocking Pony is a must see Etsy Shop. I fell in love with their adorable Duck, Duck, Goose tee. The playful, one-of-a-kind designs are unique and are sure to become favorites!
Speaking of favorites, meet Gus! Unfortunately Gus is not the happiest monster around. He has a reputation of being somewhat of a Grumpy Pants and his all-time favorite phrase is "that's not fair!" Sound familiar? The Rocking Pony is worth checking out. Sit down and browse their site. Be prepared to pick up several. The impressive number of designs makes it difficult to choose just one!

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