Saturday, March 21, 2009

Zero Calorie Treats By MaddieClaire!

It's almost time to fill your Easter Baskets! This year, stop by maddieclaire's Etsy shop and pick up a few yummy smelling treats! We were the lucky recipients of a 6 pack of Easter Egg Bath Bombs! Opening the box releases a fantastic aroma, tempting you to drop everything and head for the bath! You will get a half dozen assortment of her luxurious bath bombs. They are packed in clear egg cartons, with a Happy Easter Label and Ribbon. In or out of the Easter basket, it's perfect for anyone on your list.
Maddieclaire's "scent"sational bombs are perfect for any occasion. Kids will love her Creepy Crawler Bath Bombs! They smell amazing and your children will enjoy the toy creepy bug hidden inside! Feelin' Froggy? Watch as these bombs fizz away and leave behind a little frog! Moms and dads, you will also find a selection of soothing bombs to nourish your skin. I may try a Pomegranate Swirl or Morning Breeze and forget my worries. These bombs will condition your skin and leave you soft and beautifully scented! Move over Calgon, you're being replaced!

Maddieclaire offers more than mind soothing and skin conditioning treats! Check out her baby wipe cases! A stylish accessory for any mom! These ultra chic cases are handmade using durable decorator fabric and finished off with a matching pink ribbon and bow with a pink rhinestone button! Perfect for giving, and even better for receiving!
Maddieclaire has a wonderful assortment of cards too! Birthdays and thanks, invitations and congratulations too! This is one store you do not want to miss! Stop in and say hi, and fill your baskets with fat free, guilt free treats! You will not be sorry, unless of courses, you only buy enough for the kids!

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