Tuesday, March 10, 2009


When I was a baby, I had a prissy little diaper covers that had rows of frilly ruffles on the back! They were so adorable and sweet. After discovering RuffleButts, I was a little sorry that I did not have a little girl of my own. If I did, I know exactly what she would be wearing!

Every little girl deserves her very own RuffleButts Bloomers! How can you resist these ultra-feminine, adorable covers? Pair it with a darling little swing top. These picture perfect outfits are great for any occasion! The roomy swing tops will give your little girl freedom to explore, and the beautiful little covers camouflage diapers in a very chic way! Rows and rows of little ruffles are bound to bring a smile to your face!

Easter will be here soon. Your little girl can hunt eggs in style wearing RuffleButts Crawlers and matching tops! RuffleButts Bloomers and Crawlers are available in a wide array of cool colors and bold patterns, perfect to mix-and-match with the coordinating tops and dresses. Made with 100% cotton, in your choice of soft knit or crisp woven cotton! They are machine washable for added convenience! A word of warning, you cannot choose just one. Grab your wallet and check out www.rufflebutts.com. These adorable separates add a touch of innocence to your little girl's wardrobe!

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