Friday, March 6, 2009

The Organic Dish

From This, To This!
Next time you want a quick meal, skip the fast food. The Organic Dish created wonderfully nutritious meals that can be ready in less time than it would take the delivery person to arrive. We received three different meals, and I will tell you about one of them in this post.

The first meal that I prepared was the Red Wine Sausage Penne. It arrived in a wonderful little brown box that contained everything needed to create this gourmet meal. The instructions are listed on the outside of the box. First, I defrosted it in the refrigerator for 24 hours. The next evening, I took the box out and read the instructions. My favorite part was knowing how long each item needed to be cooked so I could have everything ready to eat at the same time.

I boiled the package of noodles while I browned the sausage. The aroma was heavenly, and soon I had company in the kitchen. I added the sauce pack and simmered for 5 minutes and then I poured it over the drained noodles. The dish was beautiful and everything I needed, start to finish, was included except of course, the pans and the stove!

This flavorful meal embellishes the taste buds with a rich complexity of flavors and just a hint of spiciness. Bite after savory bite, it was a delicious culinary journey, with flavors so tantalizing you're sure to come back for more. Visit to order some of their beautifully orchestrated meals. Their menus are divine, with diverse ethnic flair. More mouth-watering reviews of The Organic Dish will follow.

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