Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Frecklebox Makes Reading Fun!

I'm a big fan of personalized products, especially for kids. When I discovered Frecklebox, my expectations were exceeded. I ordered a book for each of my children. I chose "Hiphop Howie and his Pal Sam" for my youngest. Ordering was simple, and I was able to personalize the first page with one of my favorite quotes by Friedrich von Schiller, "Keep true to the dreams of thy youth" Love Mommy and Daddy! The book is more beautiful in person. The illustrations are playful and I enjoying reading this adventure to Sam. He enjoys hearing his name and my oldest enjoys pointing it out! His name is throughout the pages and it's exciting to see! The book focuses on rhyming and it is fun to sing-song along!
For my oldest I chose "Logan Goes to the Zoo"! I chose it because it was unique. Your child's name is hidden throughout the pages of the book and the animals give hints to help your child find it! Logan loves playing along. The story is interesting and perfect for any child. The books are available in both hard and soft cover. We received the hardcovers. The binding is tight and it will last through many page turning adventures. Visit www.frecklebox.com and check out their selection. They offer coloring books, posters, placemats and more! It's an exciting way to inspire your children to read!

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