Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Experience Beauté de Maman

Pregnancy is beautiful and moms-to-be can pamper their bodies with safe products that will nourish their their skin and protect their developing child within. "Beauté de Maman was conceived with the mission to provide safe and effective remedies for the common problems women face in pregnancy." Each and every product has been extensively studied and evaluated to ensure it's safety. These wonderful, soothing products contain only natural and herbal ingredients! One of my favorite products, Nipple Gel, is lanolin free. Other nipple creams often contain lanolin and they leave you a greasy, sticky mess. Washing it off can be uncomfortable, especially if your nipples are sore or cracked. Their moisturizing castor oil base aids in the healing of sore, cracked, dry nipples, while Calendula officinalis promotes the healing of inflamed areas on the nipple. The gel is not what I expected. When I think of gel, I think of aloe vera gel or a similar gooey product. This creamy gel was thick and it melted into my skin beautifully. You don't have to keep rubbing or spreading it out like you do with lanolin creams!

I loved the Stretch Mark Cream. For moms-to-be, this should be in your arsenal of products to combat those pesky conditions associated with pregnancy. Use it on your expanding abdomen and use it on your breasts and hips! Stretch Mark Cream was developed to aid in the prevention of stretch marks! Stretch Mark Cream is an intense moisturizing and hydrating cream. It contains hyaluronic acid and bio-saccharide gum, along with other natural botanical and herbal ingredients which all help to preserve your skin's elasticity and suppleness. Hyaluronic acid is found naturally in your skin. When your skin is damaged or traumatized, your skin will increase the rate of its degradation. Beauté de Maman replenishes your skin and gives you beautiful results! If you are new to their collection of products, try a gift box! It has all you need to start pampering your ever-changing body! Visit and experience these wonderful products created by Dr. Michele Brown.
Moms-to-be are often plagued with different skin issues. That rosy glow is often accompanied by other skin problems. I wanted to share this article with you, courtesy of my friends at Beauté de Maman!

Acne In Pregnancy
Written by Dr. Michele Brown

Skin changes are common characteristics of pregnancy; and oily skin and
acne are often a source of discomfort, embarrassment, low self-esteem and depression. These symptoms are a result of hormonal changes associated with pregnancy, which cause an increase in sebaceous glands secretion. This, in turn, creates fertile ground for the proliferation of acne-causing bacteria (propionbacterium acnes).

The developing fetus must be a primary consideration when medical treatments for acne are recommended for pregnant women. Many available drugs are not recommended by the manufacturer, because they have not been properly tested or have been found to induce fetal abnormalities. For example....

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