Thursday, March 12, 2009

Dance With Your Baby!

When my youngest was born, the only thing that calmed him was music and dance. I wish I had known about this DVD back then! Lullaby Exercises is a wonderful, soothing treat for fussy babies and moms that are anxious to shed the baby weight. Lullaby Exercises is a new kind of workout, and the folksy upbeat music by singer/songwriter Lisa Phenix is quite catchy. Let me clarify something first! This may be a lullaby, but only for baby! This 35-minute DVD features a high-energy “groove” set that will work your muscles as you carry or wear your baby in a sling, and then slows down as the “sleep” set eases your baby to sleep. The set includes an audio CD of the original soundtrack by singer/songwriter Lisa Phenix for convenience so the sets can be performed in the nursery as easily as in the living room. And forget hard-core instructors that you want to ___(fill in the blank)___ ! This instructor has a heart of gold, and she is encouraging and refreshing. Visit to order!

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