Thursday, February 19, 2009

Walking Wings!!

Walking Wings are heaven sent. I wish I had this product when my first son started walking. I've had back surgery, and I have tons of hardware in my lower back. The struggle to bend and hold on to my anxious tot was at times unbearable. This time around I'm using Walking Wings. They have come to my rescue just in time. As my 10 month old gets ready to take off, I will be right behind him. Standing proud and straight! No more struggling! Walking Wings helps your baby learn to walk, balancing more naturally, hands-free, and experiencing fewer falls. The unique padded support vest easily fastens around your baby's chest and has two adjustable, detachable straps with padded handles for your comfort. It's healthier for baby's shoulders (no tugging on little arms) and a lot kinder to your back! It's Pediatrician recommended for babies learning to walk. 100% Cotton, machine washable, and dryer safe! Walking Wings are recommended for babies age 6 months & up. Visit and choose from blue or pink! Walking Wings have earned their wings...and a halo if you ask me!

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