Thursday, February 26, 2009

Stuffy Baby Gets Relief!

I remember browsing the Internet about a year ago and stumbling upon a device that was purely disgusting. The device was intended to relieve nasal stuffiness in babies. It involved (look away if you are grossed out easily) sucking mucous from your child's nose through a straw. The thought makes me sick. I decided to stick with old faithful. The unsanitary bulb syringe. I would do my best to clean it afterwards, but it is an impossible task. A few weeks ago I found another alternative. The CLEANOZ® Nasal Aspirator Kit™ for Babies! It's designed by a physician, safe for infants and toddlers, and it's the first and only battery-operated child nasal aspirator to use disposable reservoir nozzles! The gentle suction quickly and efficiently clears nasal passages in seconds. The nozzles are disposable making Cleanoz® a sanitary solution, and it saves time since there’s no need to clean it after each use! The tips are soft, flexible silicone and they are designed to be as comfortable as possible. I found the unit easy to use. The nozzle has what appears to be a deflated balloon on the back of it. As soon as you insert the nozzle, prepare your child. A few drops of saline will help loosen secretions. Turn the unit on. The secretions are sucked into the now partially inflated balloon! Push the tip down, away from your child to release contents and proceed to the other side after pushing the tip back in place. You can use one tip for the entire day, just be sure to follow the instructions that are provided. After use, simply toss the tip. There is nothing left to clean! I can't say that I enjoyed testing this out, but I can say it worked. My only problem was an anxious baby that wasn't to happy about using it. But he hates the bulb syringes too. Visit to purchase, and enter discount code: P404 at checkout! When buying a Cleanoz® you will get a free box of 10 Replacement Tips!

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