Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Showing More SKINN!

It's probably no secret, but I am a huge fan of Skinn! When I discovered their mineral products, I was in heaven. We all know that age, stress, late nights and life make the whites of the eye appear dull and lack luster. Skinn's Mineral Eye Lighter is a special combination of mineral eye brightening pigments, real pearl and genuine moonstone, designed to be applied over, under or instead of eyeshadows to create a " bright eyed", "wide eyed" look. It will bring a "sparkle and twinkle" back to your eyes. Applied alone from lash line to brow line, Eye Lighter creates the perfect " no make-up" look for younger looking, bigger looking eyes. Applied over eyeshadows in a line across lid close to lash line and under brow arch, Eye Lighter "opens" and "brightens" the look of tired eyes. It rolls on smoothly and evenly!

One of my favorite products would be the miraculous Orchid Gel Mattefying Day Treatment Seal. It will not only keep moisture and treatments in your skin all day, it also keeps dryness, pollution and sun damage out! Orchid Gel is a one-of-a-kind, exclusive formulation and it is the perfect no-shine, under-makeup base that reduces the visibility of pores and imperfections. It feels like silk going on and leaves your skin smooth and soft. It also smells amazing! Orchid Gel keeps your skin looking matte, fresh and bright all day long, like the exquisite flower that you are. Visit and see for yourself. Winter can be harsh. There's nothing like a second "Skinn" for protection!

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