Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Easy, Economical And Eco-Friendly E-Cloth!

Clean with only water? Yeah, right. Or at least that's what I thought. See, I was brought up with the clean smell of bleach and other nasty chemicals. It wasn't until I moved out of my childhood home that I began discovering the other world, where things are natural and pure and free of toxic chemicals. I tried other eco-friendly cleaners and I have been very happy. But after receiving E-Cloth to try, I decided to take it a step further. Each E-cloth has an extraordinary 480,000 strands per square centimeter, with each microfiber measuring 1/100th the width of a human hair. It is this, together with the wedge shape of each individual fiber that gives the cloths their remarkable cleaning capability and their incredible high absorbency. Unlike conventional cleaning cloths, drawing an E-cloth across surfaces allows the cloth to clean by breaking up, trapping and absorbing dirt AND grease into the material. All this is possible with plain water. With the Water Spray bottle in one hand and an E-cloth in the other, cleaning is quick and easy. Although very useful for fast cleaning with all E-cloths, the water spray is especially useful where in areas where it is recommend to first spray the surface to be cleaned, rather than dampening the cloth. It is very helpful when cleaning windows. The bottle is lightweight and looks good in the home. The spray mechanism is of high quality and made to last. E-Cloths are made from a mix of nylon and polyester and will last over 300 washes, guaranteed. Save money by reducing the amount of cleaners in your home. These cloths tackle tough grime all through your home. Kitchen, bathrooms, glass and more. When your done inside, let E-Cloth simplify life outside your home. E-Cloth is great for cars and boats! Visit www.ecloth.com to purchase.

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