Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Adventures In Reading!!!

Teach your children the joys of reading. Learning has never been more fun. Bayard Magazines has a subscription for each of the children on your list. Read together and watch them grow in their quest for knowledge and adventure. Inspire them to read and discover fascinating facts.

3-6 year olds will love Story Box! It is a read-aloud magazine to share with your children! Each wonderful issue contains 52 fun filled pages. Read a 25-page story that your young children will enjoy listening to, filled with rich, full-page illustrations. Animal and Science pages will encourage children's curiosity and introduce them to early scientific thinking. Read a Comic: A picture-story about everyday life at the Lovett's, with characters children will look forward to meeting each month. Practice number and letter skills through play and read poems from Judith Nicholls!

6-9 year olds will enjoy an exciting chapter book full of facts and fun! Each issue of Adventure Box contains 68 pages filled with an exciting 44 page chapter story! It is beautifully illustrated in full color with clearly presented text and simple vocabulary to help beginner readers find their own reading pace.Fascinating topics and interactive activities about the natural world will keep your child entertained and fun word searches and games will stimulate their reasoning. A fun comic strip story adds a lot of fun with mischievous heroes and wacky scenarios!

Discovery Box is for 9-12 year olds. Take a journey of discovery through nature, science, history and lots more! Each issue contains 60 pages with an animal section with stunning photos and concise, informative texts to introduce children to different animals. The history section is full of historical events retold through a picture story, facts and photos to stimulate your reader's appetite for learning about the past! Discover cool scientific topics through pictures and learn with instructions for simple and exciting experiments. Stories, quizzes, fun facts, games, recipes, things to make and do, jokes, puzzles, cartoons…The list goes on. Every month one topic (from the History, Science or Animal sections) will feature a fantastic foldout!!!

Visit http://www.bayard-magazines.co.uk/ and subscribe today!!! Show your children that learning is fun!

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