Friday, December 19, 2008

KRUZ...The New Shape Of Clean!!!

Sophisticated. Modern. Easy on the eyes! This is one cleaning tool that you will not mind leaving out! Dirt Devil's KRUZ is a stylish cordless stick vac that offers easy maneuverability to address your hard surface cleaning needs. KRUZ's Soft Glide Technology delivers effortless cleaning of dry hard floor surfaces. The sweeper's Soft Touch Bumper glides gently around furniture and along baseboards to quickly and safely clean hard to reach areas. Always charged, always ready. This pretty vac works well with baby and toddler messes! The bagless vac takes up little space. The Soft Glide Technology provides 360 degree free form motion which means you will spend less time wrestling with your cleaning tools. Stop struggling with bulky sweepers. Weighing in at 5 pounds, the KRUZ can be taken from room to room, upstairs and downstairs with ease. The powerful 12 Volt Motor cleans your floors with very little effort. Perfect for cleaning hardwood flooring, tile, and laminates! KRUZ comes with a 2 year warranty against defects. Visit for more information and be sure to check out their Designer Series for other great products!

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