Thursday, December 18, 2008

AMANO. A Decadent Journey For The Senses!!!

Open up a bar of Amano Artisan Chocolate and you are overwhelmed by the tantalizing scent of really good chocolate. Not just any chocolate, but handcrafted artisan chocolate. Amano makes chocolate. Not like other companies that make chocolate. You see, Amano is one of only a handful of companies in the United States that actually makes chocolate from the bean. Other companies use this term loosely. Creating chocolate from the bean is a long and intricate process. Amano is dedicated to reviving the art in the chocolate manufacturing process and their passion shows.

Using vintage European equipment and techniques, they make small batches with the very best ingredients. The chocolate has a robust flavor with high and low notes. The subtle fruity flavor is prized by professional chefs who appreciate true handcrafted chocolate. Savor the delicate flavors on your palate and be prepared for a true journey in taste. As the chocolate melts, flavors unfold. Exquisite chocolate and a hint of pure vanilla, followed by flavors that you will not find in an ordinary bar. Amano is full of surprises and each of their bars offer different flavorful experiences.

Cocoa beans, Pure cane sugar, Cocoa butter, Whole Tahitian vanilla beans. The same simple ingredients are found in each bar. How is it possible that each of the bars taste so different? The secret is in the beans! Like coffee beans, the cocoa beans originate from different regions. Different regions produce different flavors. Amano creates mouth-watering chocolate from single origin cocoa beans.

Each delicious bar is individually foil wrapped and beautifully boxed. The boxes are printed on high grade paper providing a luxurious feel in the hand. Each bar features a reproduction of an original painting. They were commissioned by Amano Artisan Chocolate for the front of each bar and credit is given to the artist on the back. Each beautiful painting is inspired by chocolate, the cocoa's origin or the cocoa itself. Some of the artists (most notably Wulf Barsch) are highly recognized and collected. Amano makes a great gift for those that enjoy the extraordinary. Try Jembrana Premium Dark Chocolate with natural hints of fig and spice or Ocumare Grand Cru Premium Dark Chocolate Bar for a complex bar with natural hints of red fruit. Don't forget about Madagascar Premium Dark Chocolate with it's incredible naturally fruity flavor! Visit to order! You'll savor the experience long after the chocolate is gone!!!
All photos courtesy of Amano Artisan Chocolate!

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