Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Surfs Up With Mooki!

Mookimoo Sleepwear began after a beautiful little girl (nick-named "Mookimoo") began removing her clothing at naptime and bedtime. While her parents knew this was a perfectly normal phase of development and wanted to encourage her creativity, coordination, and self-exploration, they worried that loose garments in the crib created a dangerous suffocation and strangulation hazard. They also worried that since they avoided bulky blankets and bedding, without her clothing, she would be cold and unable to sleep comfortably. They searched endlessly for a solution to this dilemma. Out of sheer desperation, they designed the "Mooki", a garment that combined all the comfort, quality, and style of a traditional one-piece sleeper, with one very important difference, they put the zipper in the back. Genius!

Mookis are 100% combed cotton, baby rib-knit sleepers. Mookis resemble little wetsuits commonly worn by surfers. The unique Changeaze™ zipper runs from the back of the neck to mid calf. At first I thought diaper changes were going to be challenging. My kiddo is a little squirmy when he's on the changing table. How will I manage a zipper in the back? It's much easier than you think! After the first change, you really don't even think about it. Diaper changes are quick and easy. Most importantly they are done by you, not your child! This alone should encourage you to make the switch! Save yourself from potential disaster, and keep your little one safe and warm. Visit http://mookimoo.com/. Choose from three fun designs, each available in three soft, gender neutral colors. In sizes 12-18 months through 24-36 months.

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