Sunday, November 16, 2008

For Babies And Toddlers That Are Going Places!

I love to shop. But I don't love shopping cart handles. I do not want my child to touch them, let alone try to eat one as soon as I'm not looking. BabyGrip covers the handle, and all those germs. It's small, portable and washable. It takes up little space, and you can roll it up and store it in your car, purse or diaper bag. The BabyGrip is easy to attach! All you do is fold it over the handle and press the Velcro closures together! The BabySit is a great product that can be used for children 10 months through 3 years. It's a great baby safety harness. The convertible belt and loop design keeps your child securely seated in just about any style of high chair, booster seat, shopping cart, etc. It slips on and off easily and you can put it on your child before leaving home. It will not interfere with the straps on a car seat or stroller.The BabySit is soft, made from 100% quilted cotton and it is available in several cool colors! It pairs perfectly with the BabyGrip, and you will save $10 if you purchase them together! Visit to order!

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