Sunday, November 16, 2008

The Cute Nursing Cover!

The Cute Cover by Cute Slings will cover you in pretty prints or solids. These covers were designed to allow you to be discreet when nursing. The adjustable neck strap will give you a perfect fit. The neckline is designed to stay open during nursing, allowing you to keep a watchful eye on things below! After all, breastfeeding is a time to bond with your baby, and Cute Slings makes that possible.
The Cute Cover blocks out the busy world, preventing distractions and stimulation while feeding. It features a great pocket to store your breast pads and cream or other accessories and it can also be used as a burp cloth. The Cute Sling is lightweight, and it's machine washable. It's made in the USA! It comes in a variety of cute prints and a solid, and shipping is fast! Be sure to check out the great selection of Cute Slings! They are must-haves, allowing you to remain close to your baby, while keeping your hands free. Carry your baby and reduce crying. Your baby will enjoy being close! Visit to order!

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