Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Comfort and Fashion. Bao Bei Maternity.

Bao Bei translates to "little darling", or "baby treasure" in the Chinese language. Bao Bei Maternity believes that the experience leading to motherhood is a most special and celebrated occasion and they created a line of clothing to align your feelings of beauty and comfort as you prepare to welcome your Bao Bei. Designed by women's health specialist Suzanne Koval, MSPT , Bao Bei™ Maternity blends scientific innovation with contemporary style.

The debut collection features pieces that allow movement. You will not find restrictive clothing here. Comfort is priority, and the styles will flatter your changing body in ways that no other line can. Try "It's A Wrap" and you will fall in love with the soft stretchy material. The wrap is an essential part of any maternity wardrobe, allowing moms-to-be to transition through pregnancy and beyond. The wrap allows you to add length to your tops and it supports your expanding bump. Perfect for nursing moms, it allows you to keep your waist and back covered while breastfeeding. Be casual or dressy with the Kimono. It is a versatile piece and is also nursing friendly! Or Crop It with great maternity capris that will flatter your pregnant body like no pant before. The under the belly design allows you to keep moving right up until your delivery and beyond. The slimming cut has a slightly flared leg and features a wicking and antimicrobial finish.

Visit http://www.baobeimaternity.com/ for your active pregnancy with effortless style. For $15.00 off your entire purchase, enter coupon code GERBERBABY at checkout! Pregnancy is all about changes. Bao Bei Maternity understands that change. Flatter your new curves. This is a collection you don't want to miss!

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