Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Baby Whispering!!!

Sharlene Poole holds your hand and takes you through the first three months of your new role as a parent. She guides you through the necessary preparations to welcome your baby home, explains cries and the importance of establishing routines, feeding and sleeping, bathing, changing and activities. This well rounded DVD offers helpful tips to ensure a smoother transition for all. Sharlene Poole is New Zealand's leading newborn advisor whose unique baby whispering talents are in demand all over the world. She brings an air of calm confidence into the homes of new parents as she works closely with the whole family and she has an unique innate gift with babies. Combine this with over 10 years experience working in postnatal care and as a nanny and she is able to confidently take the stress and uncertainty out of those first few weeks with newborns. Visit http://www.babywhispering.com and pick up the Baby Whispering DVD. It is a must have guide that you can't live without!

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