Friday, October 3, 2008

Summer Infant...Music To My Ears!

I am a believer in baby monitors. They are great to have, if you get the RIGHT one. Otherwise, you will pull your hair out in frustration. I have used several monitors over the years. One never did work right and another crackled constantly. Others, you must turn the volume WAY up and they work fine until your baby lets loose with one of those ear-piercing wails. Scouring the market for the best, I stumbled upon Summer Infant. Not only do they look great, THEY WORK! The Secure Sounds 2.4 GHz Digital Monitor will keep you connected to your baby without interference and it provides a secure and private transmission. Digital technology automatically selects a free and secure channel so you only hear your baby. Parents can monitor their baby in the nursery from any part of the home within 600 ft. "The Parent’s Unit features volume control, sound lights, out of range indicator, convenient belt clip, rechargeable battery, and a recharging base." The Baby’s Unit has a battery compartment that holds 3 “AAA” batteries in case of power outages, so you never have to loose precious sleep worrying. Summer Infant's line is refreshing. No boring electronics here. Visit and see for yourself. It doesn't get any better than this.

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