Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Little Capers To The Rescue!

My oldest is always racing around, pretending to be Superman or Spiderman, or some other fearless hero. He will fight imaginary villains or save some poor helpless creature from certain danger. It has become part of our routine and when I stumbled upon Little Capers, I knew just what he needed. I mean, what superhero doesn't need a superhero identity? A costume to make it even more real!
Encourage your child's imagination! They are made in the USA and the tees are 100% cotton! Super Hero shirts come with detachable capes. They are machine washable and let me add, you will be washing these a lot!
Our little superhero has saved the day at the grocery store, where he insisted on full costume. He has also worked overtime, wearing his tee while he sleeps. It is his favorite shirt of all time and anytime he wears it, his smiles are endless.
Visit and pick out something special for that little superhero in your life. They will promote hours of creative play and they do not involve electronics! Your child will love playing the lead and benefit from a great workout, and at our house, that means a great night's sleep!

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