Thursday, October 23, 2008

Listening To A Different Beat With BellyBeats!

Every expecting mom longs to hear her baby's precious heartbeat. Hearing the sound of that tiny beat allows you to bond early. That tiny beat means life, and early in your pregnancy, you savor the moments spent listening to your unborn child. There are a lot of dopplers on the market that promise to pick up that beautiful beat early in your pregnancy. Many mothers buy dopplers and are disappointed when they try in vain to pick up that sound. The BellyBeats Fetal Doppler is a Baby Heart Monitor. It is of the same high quality as the one used by physicians for the past 30 years. The Baby Heart Monitor will detect your unborn baby's heartbeat as early as 8 to 10 weeks into your pregnancy. This handheld unit is lightweight and portable, and it operates on a 9-volt alkaline battery. The pre-angled probe is comfortable to hold and the shape makes it quicker and easier to locate your baby’s heartbeat. It's easy to determine your baby's heart rate by simply counting the beats of your baby's heart for 10 seconds and multiplying the number of beats by 6 to get heartbeats per minute. Don't want to count? Go digital! The Digital Fetal Doppler Baby Heart Monitor calculates the heart rate for you and gives you a digital readout. The Digital Fetal Heart Doppler uses a technology known as Static Suppression Doppler (SSD) that provides a static-free signal for maximum clarity.
Hear your unborn baby's heartbeat anytime , anywhere with these high quality dopplers. They allow you to share the joy of pregnancy with family and friends, and you will have peace of mind knowing your baby is safe. Dopplers allow you to "get to know" your baby by allowing you the opportunity to know your baby's sounds before birth and form a special bond with her/him. BellyBeats offers rentals and purchases. Visit for rental or purchase information. If you start out renting and decide to keep the doppler, rental fees can be applied toward purchase! If you want a doppler that really works early in your pregnancy, BellyBeats delivers. Be sure to pick up a supply of their Oh Mama! Pregnancy Nutrition Bars. They contain just the right blend of prenatal vitamins and minerals to give you what you need before, during, and after pregnancy! And don't forget the Preggie Pops for morning sickness relief! Please feel free to email me if you have any questions not answered in this post.

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