Tuesday, October 7, 2008

J Schatz, Filling The World With Wonder!

I remember the first moment that I found myself gazing at the beautiful Star Egg Nightlights on the J Schatz website. I recall thinking back to purchasing those Cloud B nightlights for my kids. You know, those ladybugs and turtles that are supposed to turn your room into the night sky. I thought those were neat, but there is no comparing them to the beauty of these exquisite lamps. Stumbling upon the J Schatz site, I was filled with wonder and amazement. Now this is a night sky. J Schatz transformed clay into a breathtaking display of light by night, and a beautiful piece of artistic design by day.

It was packaged so perfectly. Such careful measures had been taken to ensure it's safe arrival. I cannot imagine the disappointment that I would have felt if the fragile egg had broken. Removing the packaging with great anticipation, I was not let down. The nightlight is much more beautiful in person. Assembly was simple and after plugging it in, I counted down the hours until sunset. When darkness fell, sure enough, I was enchanted. The lights did not flicker or blink. The little holes in the beautiful egg permitted the light to send extraordinary images onto the walls. A few resembled birds in flight. Others shone brightly and brought peace and tranquility to the room. I was in awe.
Available in 8 different colors, these lamps are handcrafted glossy ceramic earthenware, with a brushed and polished stainless steel lamp base. They include a 15 watt candelabra bulb, so you can enjoy the beauty the day you receive it. Perfect for the nursery, or in any part of the home. Be sure to visit http://www.jschatz.com/ and check out his other impressive works . His creations are Wonder-Certified™ 100% satisfaction guarantee. "All J Schatz products are incorporated into Jim’s daily life and subjected to the wonder test to become a wonder-certified J Schatz product. The wonder test is quite simple. If a product inspires wonder throughout the weeks, months and years that Jim lives with it, the product will be produced. We guarantee that you will be satisfied with your wonder-certified J Schatz purchase." Quotation and all photos used are courtesy of J Schatz.

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