Thursday, October 23, 2008

Holding Their Own With LilyBugs!

"I was driving in the car with my husband and six month old daughter, Lily and she began to cry. We pulled over and I got into the back seat with her so that I could comfort and feed her. Unfortunately, her bottle began leaking all over me, the car and even worse, her. I quickly looked around and asked my husband for napkins or wipes, but none were to be found." Sound familiar? It's happens all too often. Except I'm lucky if I remember to bring the blanket! Out of one frantic moment, Lilybugs were born. The genius invention of one thoughtful mom that helped her daughter gain independence, in a fun and unique way! Most busy moms look forward to the day their 6 month old will start holding their own bottles. Babies enjoy it too. Sam is overjoyed when I hand him a bottle and he can either a. drink from it, or b. sling it! He laughs every time. Make the transition more fun with LilyBugs!

LilyBugs are designed to fit over bottles and sippy cups. They provide visual and tactile stimulation for growing hands and minds! The great big ears are easy for children to grab, allowing them to lift the bottle to their mouth. They also provide a soft cuddly animal friend, who makes a much needed replacement for the normal hard plastic bottle or cup! LilyBugs are machine washable, easy to use, and they fit most bottles and sippy cups. No more leaks! Lilybugs will soak up those little bottle/sippy cup leaks and keep your children dry. They also keep little hands warmer during cooler seasons. There are so many great reasons to pick up a few. Visit and meet the bugs! There are more than 20 designs available! Grab a couple of Christmas designs for the Holidays! They are too cute to pass up!

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