Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Back To The Basics With ELSIE'S ORIGINALS

As new moms, we try really hard to make sure everything our baby touches is safe. What do you use on dropped items that go back into your baby's mouth when soap and water are not around? Anti bacterial wipes contain alcohol and chloride, but ELSIE'S ORIGINALS are made with pure organic essential oils.
A celebrity favorite, ELSIE'S Germ Fighter Wipes and Spray can be used on everything from dropped baby bottles and pacifiers, highchairs and tables, to little hands and faces. They are great for parents on the go, and slip easily into your diaper bag or purse. The durable wipes are hand saturated in a solution of organic lavender, chamomile and Vitamin E essential oils. They are gentle on delicate skin, and leave a fresh, clean scent.
Baby Bum Wipes are safer, more natural alternatives to other more processed baby wipes. They work wonders on sensitive skin and they are hand saturated in lavender, chamomile and Vitamin E organic essential oils. A touch of soothing organic Tea Tree essential oil promotes healing. They will stay moist and not dry out or cause irritation.
Moms, be sure to pick up some ELSIE'S ORIGINAL Cleansing Wipes! They are a great make-up remover and you can use them whenever you need a little extra freshness. Store a box in the refrigerator for a cool treat for your skin! Cleansing Wipes are handmade and all natural and they are hand saturated with a solution of lavender, chamomile, Vitamin E and tamanu organic essential oils. Elsie's never uses additives or preservatives in any of their products. They use only the best natural and organic ingredients. Visit http://www.elsiesoriginal.com/ for a list of retailers or to purchase online!

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