Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Wild Dill, Not Just Another Toy Store

If you are not familiar with Wild Dill, you are really missing out. Wild Dill is the toy store of every child's dreams. The plushest stuffed bears, and the coolest dolls around. We discovered the Kinderware Elephant Dot Doll. We twisted and turned. Sam was entertained for the longest time. We are sure your child will adore these as well. They are fun and colorful, and great for enhancing motor skill development. Hand sewn in Bolivia and made from fleece, fair trade, these colorful dolls are machine washable.
If the colorful dot dolls are not your thing, how about a soft and cuddly Kallisto Organic Teddy Bear? Made in Germany, its machine washable, 100% organic cotton, and stuffed with 100% wool. There's nothing ordinary about it. The bear is an heirloom treasure to be enjoyed by your little one and generations to come. This beloved teddy bear will follow your little ones everywhere, and be the best friend a child could have. And you will feel great knowing that the darling little bear is made of the purest materials available. And for all the new babies in your life, the nursery would not be complete without these beautiful soft blocks. Made from organic cotton, you can rest easy as baby plays happily with the set. And should one find its way into baby's mouth...no worries-they're organic! Visit Wild Dill at http://www.wilddill.com and see why they are on my list of favorite sites!

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