Friday, September 19, 2008

More Adventures With Eebee!!!

If you do not already know it, I am a huge fan of Eebee's! Playful and entertaining, Eebee's books are full of good times and laughter!
Have A Ball! is full of big ideas. Up, down, over, under, in, out. . .and my turn; your turn! Play catch, roll the ball, make baskets and slide in the wagon, this book is great for play along fun. While exercising social, motor, language, and thinking skills your baby will learn right along with Eebee!
Laundry Time ensures you're little one will have a load to learn from doing laundry with Eebee! Play along with mommy! Take the soft little towels out of the laundry bag and toss them into the little washer. Spin the peek-a-boo washing-machine wheel to wash the laundry. When you're done, hang Eebee’s pjs on the line to "dry", and then put them away in the drawers. When the laundry’s done, tuck Eebee under a fluffy, fleece blanket! Your baby will explore words, sounds, and textures, exercise fine-motor skills, and play imaginatively. Baby will have fun copying mommy, and maybe she will have an easier time getting the job done!
Peek-A-Boo is a lot of fun! One of the first games we play with baby, you'll both have fun opening and closing the curtains! Inside this fun little book look for Eebee behind a silky scarf, in a raincoat, under a sunhat, crawling through a pop-up tunnel. Roll a ball for a game of peek-a-toes! From exploring different textures to anticipating outcomes, there’s no hiding the opportunities for playful skill building in this adventure! There is so much to touch and your baby will be pleased and enjoy this wonderful game.
The Hug And Splash 2 book set will be a hit! All About Me is an adventure all about Eebee’s body, and your baby’s body, too. Each page is an interactive board game, designed especially for babies. Look and play with Eebee with a book-sized mirror to join along with Eebee! Look in the mirror! Baby will have fun exploring his own face and expressions! Develops your baby’s social, motor, language, and thinking skills, and allows baby to explore his body from head to toe!
Bath Time will add a little fun and excitement to baby's splish and splash! Open the book and place it cover-up in the tub. Eeebee will “float!” Submerge the book to fill the squirters and squeeze it for a laugh inducing spray. Press Eebee’s tummy for a squeak! As Eebee takes a bath, your baby will play and learn with water!
Eebee is a fun friend that will take your child's imagination to new levels. Pretend play is better and more educational when Eebee is around! Eebee will quickly find a way into your child's heart. Your child will enjoy interactive learning and play alongside Eebee and mommy in many adventures inspired by life. I enjoyed sharing Eebee with my child. Eebee's Adventures gave us many laughs and great times. We loved playing along and following Eebee through different adventures. You can find Eebee at . Stop by and check out the DVD's and toys too! See my review here!

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