Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Making Childhood Sweeter

There is nothing in the world as sweet as childhood. Once you overcome the colic and the teething, it's smooth sailing through the early years. Clothing should fit these perfect moments and be soft and playful, with a touch of whimsy and unique style that captures that youthful innocence. Let me tell you, I have found a company that has put that playfulness back into clothing.
The designs at tipitipi are all child friendly. They have taken animals and nature and transformed them from your typical cookie cutter designs and added a nice free flowing element throughout (and sometimes beyond)the images. The material is woven in Portugal and it is an amazingly soft, combed 100% cotton jersey. It is a fine but strong cotton with a comfortable stretch. All inks are water-based which means PVC-free! Snaps are also nickel free.The woven label has been placed outside so it will not irritate your baby´s skin . The lurex silver thread has also been used only on the external part of the clothing.
In sizes 1-3 months through 18-24 months, the designs are unisex so they are perfect for every little one! Their bibs are ideal for drooling babies and also babies that spit up a lot. They have 2 cotton layers and they are super absorbent ensuring your little love will stay dry. Velcro closure means easy on and off. Definitely not your ordinary store, and far from the generic department store clothing so widely available. I hope you will fall in love too with their carefree comfort and designs. Visit and give your little ones some inspiration.

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