Monday, September 1, 2008

Tiny Philosophy Makes A Huge Difference

Every now and then, I come across a company that is passionate and giving, all full of great ideas. Tiny Revolutionary is one of those companies. I rarely use exact text from a site, but I could not have said it better, or with as much passion. Here is their Tiny Philosophy.
"It’s pretty simple, really – teaching kids to celebrate their individuality and approach the world with a compassionate spirit and sense of social responsibility is one of our very best opportunities to make the world a better place. A lot of us have spent our fair share of years on the corner, holding a picket sign wondering if we were really making an impact on anyone. And some of us have decided that maybe, just maybe, it might be easier to start from scratch – to put down the picket sign and pick up the bottle. Of course, not enough of us are doing it. Socially progressive folks, on average, have far fewer children (if any) than more socially conservative folks. What does this say about us? Are we too selfish to give up a bit of our life for another person? Are we too pessimistic about the world to bring a child into it? Or, worst of all, perhaps we have listened to the world too long and believe we are not the type of people who should be having children. What a bunch of hooey! All of it. Tiny Revolutionary is about the new face of family, the modern family. The family that isn’t validated by the composition of their family portrait, but by the love and support they share with each other. Tiny Revolutionary is here to help create a community, a story, that these families can relate to, inside which they can find their own form of family reflected. We will take small steps together and before you know it, we might just start to make a positive change in the world.
Tiny Revolutionary makes a difference in lives. $1 from every sale goes to a really cool charity. It doesn't stop there! With the purchase of each THIS SHIRT SAVED A LIFE tee from Tiny Revolutionary, $20 will be donated directly to Africa Aid to fund a child in their school lunch program in the Buduburam Refugee Settlement in Ghana for an entire year. I am all about supporting companies that really make a difference. The difference made by Tiny Revolutionary is HUGE! Stop by today for some really cool shirts for dad, mom, and children 3 months and up! for ordering. Use coupon code TINYGERBER for 15% off some really great shirts! Coupon may not be used on "This Shirt Saved A Life" tee.

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