Saturday, August 30, 2008

Star.. I Mean Scar Treatment For C-Section Moms

I have found the perfect product for moms recovering from C-Sections! A product that provides compression and support along with built in worry free scar management that simplifies your recovery and allows you to focus on more important things. Like your baby! I have had 2 C-Sections and it's difficult to find a product that offers gentle support after surgery. C-Panty features an interior silicone panel localized to the incision site. Silicone increases the moisture content and addresses scar formation issues such as scar appearance, size and symptoms. The compression panel relieves swelling and supports the incision area making you much more comfortable. The waist is fluted so there are no nagging, uncomfortable elastic waistbands to annoy you. Begin using as soon as the wound is closed and experience benefits extending well past delivery for up to a year! It's not too late! Perfect for those tummy tuck scars too! Order now at

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Harry said...

I had a hand therapy specialist after surgery on my hands, and I saw results using the Max Powers Scar Serum. My scaring was very minimal, compared to others, who had similar surgeries, I had 6, on my left hand. I rubbed the cream in and kept it moist. A year later, it is hardly visible to the naked eye. I have to look hard to find the scars. Previous surgeries, did not do as well, I didn't use the cream. Had surgery this year, again. Using the scar serum. It helps for dry skin as well.