Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Itzbeen How Long?

It's hard keeping track of things, especially when you have a newborn. Make things as simple as possible. No more losing track of feedings or the last time you gave medication. Being a super mom or dad in a sleep deprived state just got a whole lot easier. Itzbeen comes to the rescue with timers and alarms. Keep track of everything from feedings, sleep and awake times, diaper changes, and more. Small, lightweight, and the clip on the back makes the Itzbeen easy to carry. Comes with a nightlight to help you avoid those obstacles that always seem to end up in your path. Itzbeen is easy to use with 4 timers which automatically count up so you know how long it has been and optional timer alarms. The extra alarm is perfect for remembering when you gave that last dose of medication! They even put a nursing reminder at the bottom to help you keep track of which side the baby nursed from last. Shop now at for a single or a twin pack! In blue or green! Perfect for all caregivers.

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