Friday, August 8, 2008

Eebees Adventures!

Have you discovered Eebees Adventures? Our pediatrician recommended not exposing our children to television. Remember those Baby Einstein videos? Well, research has concluded that babies exposed to "certain baby videos" on television had a smaller vocabulary than those with no exposure. Video content does matter though, and I will be posting an informative article concerning this. Eebees is taking a much different approach. An approach that encourages co-viewing between parents and children. We were given 3 DVD's and let me say, they are enjoyable and entertaining. These brilliant videos feature a colorful puppet playing with real people, engaging in activities that we can continue long after the video is over. The videos are about interaction. New moms, if you need helpful ideas for entertaining your baby with different activities, take a cue from these fun videos. We also tried out Eebee's Have a Ball and Bowl Me Over Sets. No lead paint worries here. These toys are plush and very well made. They are able to withstand the forces of the most active children. These toys encourage activity and fun. They also inspire moms and dads to get creative. Check out their line at for great toys(and a fantastic play mat), books, and DVD's. You'll be glad you did!


Anonymous said...

Hi there,

I came across your blog from doing an eebee search and I read that you liked the Bowl Me Over set. I actually work with the creator of eebee and I was wondering if you'd like to review the books for your blog? Here's a brief overview of them:

eebee’s Having a Ball Adventures: Babies will play around with some big ideas in this adventure: up, down, over, under, in, out . . . and my turn—your turn. This interactive book includes a soft, tethered ball, inviting babies to exercise social, motor, language, and thinking skills in games from catch with eebee to basketball.

· eebee’s Laundry Time Adventures: Babies will explore words, sounds, and textures; exercise fine-motor skills; play imaginatively . . . and get the laundry done. Interactive play activities include taking towels out of the laundry bag and putting them “into the washer”; spinning the peek-a-boo washing-machine wheel; hanging eebee’s pajamas on the line; and putting them away in the drawers.

· eebee’s Peek-a-Boo Adventures: Where’s eebee? On the cover of this book, open and close the curtains. Inside the book, look for eebee behind a silky purple scarf, inside a big, shiny raincoat, and behind a movable stack of soft blocks. From exploring textures to anticipating outcomes, there’s no hiding the opportunities for playful skill-building in this exciting search.

· eebee’s Hugs and Splash Adventures is a two-book set in which each book is also a game.

· All About Me & You is all about eebee’s body, and a baby’s body too. Fold-out the book-sized mirror to “look and play” along with eebee. Exercise your baby’s social, motor, language, and thinking skills, exploring the body from head to toe!

· Eebee’s Bath Time Adventure is sure to float a baby’s boat. Open the book and place it cover-up in the tub. Watch eebee float! Submerge the book to fill the squirter and then squeeze it for a gentle spray. Press eebee’s tummy—squeak—eebee’s all clean. As eebee takes a bath, every baby will play and learn with water.

The books are now available in Barnes & Noble and will be sold at independent bookstores and specialty stores in September. If you’d like samples I’d be happy to have the publisher forward them to you. If you have any questions, I can be reached at


Rebeca Schiller
Flair Public Relations

Welcome! My name is Julie said...

The series is great! A review will be posted soon!