Saturday, July 26, 2008

Grandma El's...Not Just Another Diaper Rash Cream!

If my four month old little boy could talk, he would tell the world that Grandma El's is not just another diaper rash cream. It's diaper rash remedy AND prevention, and it's soothing and wonderful(or at least that's the way I translate his smiles and babbling)! With my oldest, I tried everything available to me in supermarkets and discount stores. I used those thick, white pasty creams which were almost impossible to wipe off and didn't seem to help. In fact, it seemed on more than one occasion, they simply made matters worse. This time around, I decided to go a little further and scour the internet for that perfect formula. I must tell you that I finally found it! In a cute little package with a friendly name. Recently, I tried this product and compared it with several others. Some other outrageously expensive products! I have found that just because something may cost more, does not mean it's better. Most creams are hard to wash off and smell horrible. They are full of nasty chemicals. Grandma El's is pleasing to the senses and is easy to wipe on and off. Allow me to mention, this product works wonderfully on sunburns and dry skin. And if you or a loved one ever need a barrier cream for any reason, this is as good as it gets. Pure natural and organic goodness! No preservatives or added fragrances, and it's hypo-allergenic. Any redness that we experienced disappeared overnight. Do your baby a favor and get your hands on a tube, make that a jar (it's larger) and avoid the rash altogether. Buy it at and use the code gerber at checkout to save $3.oo, or if you are in Albany, GA, check out the special order section at Publix. By the way, did you know that they also make Tear Free-Gentle Baby Wash and Baby Shampoo? They have some wonderful gift packs! These are wonderful gifts for yourself and others! I have developed a great deal of trust and affection for Grandma El and the wonderful family(and story) behind the brand. Use the link and before you purchase, read About Us!

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