Thursday, July 24, 2008

Educational, Entertaining, and Fun!

Your little angel will have pleasant dreams beneath the star filled sky. The Twilight Turtle, available from
is irresistible! The Twilight Turtle by Cloud b is a plush constellation nightlight with three soothing colors and a forty-five minute timer. The
color options are green, blue and amber. I found the amber to project a little dimly, although it lit the shell beautifully, and it's perfect for those of us that prefer dim rooms at night. Comparing Twilight Turtle to the Twilight Ladybug-, the Turtle lacks the off/on switch on the shell. There is an off/on switch on the bottom of the Turtle next to the battery compartment. The turtle also lacks a moon, but displays much nicer stars than the ladybug. The Ladybug's color options are red, green, and blue. The red did not seem to project very well, but the warm blues and greens more than made up for it! Do yourself a favor and grab both, or else you will end up taking the baby's! Don't forget your coupon code JGMOMS15 to get a really sweet deal at The Chocolate Cake Club!

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