Sunday, May 17, 2015

Lots Of Uses For This Oil!

I use a lot of oils. I add them to my laundry detergent when I make it, I also make my own air fresheners. I really enjoyed this oil. The quality of the oil was superior to some of the other brands I've tried. It had a lasting scent when I applied it to my hands before bed. I also used some in my bath. I had never used oils directly on my skin before, and this oil, when I inhaled deeply, did everything I heard that it was supposed to do. As much as I loved it in my bathroom to use before bed, I am planning on keeping it in the kitchen. I hear it is good for burns, and being quite challeneged in the kitchen, I imagine I will be using it quite often! I may update this post when I have the chance to use it following one of my unfortunate events! I received this oil in exchange for this review and my opinions were not influenced by this in any way.

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