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Healthy Habits Is A Must-Have Guide For Moms!

Just in time for summer, parents can now rest easy knowing they will have a trusted resource to help keep their kids healthy and active this season. Registered Dietitian Laura Cipullo has written Healthy Habits, a one-stop lesson book that acts as a guide for parents on keeping their kids fit and healthy.
The mission of Healthy Habits, which is the first installment in Cipullo's The Mommy Manual Series, is to help parents guide children towards develop a positive relationship with food and eating. Culled from Laura’s years of experience as an RD, Nutritionist & Certified Diabetes Educator, in addition to being a mom of two (check out her blog, Mom Dishes It Out, which details her own trials & tribulations of getting her kids to eat healthy), Healthy Habits provides eight lessons and accompanying handouts to parents and educators. Healthy Habits is the must-have guide for those teaching nutrition and fitness that shares an empowering messaging that should always be used when discussing food in front of children. It contains recipes and an "everyday" vs. "sometimes" food index. 
"My dream is that every child will have a healthy, positive relationship with food," says Cipullo. "This begins with the parents. Parents need to know there are no 'good' foods or 'bad' foods -- these word associations can have a long-lasting effect on certain children. There are only 'sometimes' foods and 'everyday' foods. It's little tricks like this that can go a long way when dealing with impressionable young children."
Childhood obesity is on the rise, as are eating disorders amongst children. Healthy Habits was developed in response to this, and is an eight-week program that can be used continuously throughout the development of the child's life.
Available for purchase on for just $67, parents and educators will never need another resource for developing healthy eating habits for children.

I was given the chance to look over the website. Most moms that I know have complained that kids don't come with a manual. Now, at least there is a manual to help them eat better. I need this manual! My oldest will eat anything once. He approaches food with an open mind and he prefers water to sweet drinks. He doesn't have a sweet tooth and he tries to eat healthy food. My youngest is the complete opposite. Wow. He sneaks food, so if I have anything sweet in the house, I hide it...I don't want to completely keep him from his cravings because I think it will be harmful later on if he is completely restricted. I need help with him. This resource is just what I need. It is filled with ideas and I am looking forward to trying these new methods to ensure my children develop a healthy relationship with food. The website is easy to use and full of great information!

Laura Cipullo is a Registered Dietitian, Certified Diabetes Educator, Certified Eating Disorder Registered Dietitian, and creator of Mom Dishes It Out.

With a private practice in New York City, Laura provides sound, ethical nutrition advice to both adults and children. She is available for private, one-on-one consultations, family nutrition sessions or meetings with groups of peers. Laura’s holistic approach focuses on meeting you, the client, at your level of readiness. Using the science of hormones, Laura makes meal and snack recommendations that enable you to feel full and energized while achieving a healthier body. Relying on her endocrine knowledge, she will help you make balanced meal decisions that stabilize your blood sugar and hormone levels. Through her expertise and experience Laura can help you learn from your internal cues to comfortably determine your appropriate food intake and eventually rid yourself of the “diet mentality.” Working with Laura is the first step of a new life: one that is completely free of diets and replaces them with a true understanding of moderation.
Laura earned a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Human Nutrition and Dietetics at Colorado State University. She interned at New York–Presbyterian Hospital/Weil Cornell Medical Center as a Dietetic Intern and has since held the distinguished positions of Clinical Dietitian for New York–Presbyterian Hospital/ Weil Cornell Medical Center, Nutrition Coordinator for CEDAR Associates in Westchester and Rockland counties, and consultant for the Renfrew Center in both New Jersey and New York. She was invited to join the team has taught online research-based nutrition to BMIQ patient groups.
In 2000, she opened her private practice, Laura Cipullo, LLC Nutrition Services, in New Jersey, where she specialized in medical nutrition therapy, eating disorders and the non-diet approach. Due to high demand, she soon moved and expanded her offices to New York City. As of 2011, Laura closed the NJ offices and maintains her private practice Laura Cipullo Whole Nutrition Services in the union square area of NYC.  In conjunction with her private practice Laura acts as the Nutrition Director for Experience Wellness Group and leads bi-weekly meal support therapy groups.
Laura Cipullo shares her expertise in the nutrition field by providing mentoring services to other registered dietitians as well as volunteering her time to help promote healthy food and nutrition causes. President of the New York chapter of the International Association of Eating Disorder Professionals (iaedp), she also chairs the Food and Nutrition Committee for Corlears School, a nursery through fifth grade independent school located in NYC. Her volunteer history includes designation as a food professional helping children participating in the American Institute of Wine & Food’s (AIWF) Days of Taste program and engagement with the nonprofit Children for Children organization which connects and involves young people in community service.
Her wisdom and experience are consistently tapped by a variety of nationally circulated publications including Fitness, Real Simple Magazine, OK! Magazine, Today’s Dietitian, Diabetes Forecast, Diabetic Living, Modern Mom, The Daily Meal, The Huffington Post, Fox News and Everyday Health. Laura also makes frequent guest appearances on local and national television shows—CBS’ The Couch, Fox & Friends, The Willis Report, The Dr. Steve Show, Headline News, all shows featured on Veria TV, and more. Laura has created and authored Healthy Habits, a teaching tool in her “Mommy Manual Series” which fosters a positive approach to teaching feeding and eating all foods. She is currently working on her second book in this informative new nutrition education series. In concert with the editors of Prevention Magazine, Laura has co-authored The Diabetes Comfort Food Diet Cookbook—available for purchase in September, 2013. Laura also maintains two personal blogs: Eating and Living Moderately and Mom Dishes It Out.
Visit Laura’s nutrition blog for free nutrition tips and encouragement to adopt a wholesome way of eating that incorporates all foods in moderation. Laura resides in New York City with her husband and children and you can also read her advice on navigating nutrition for a family on her blog Mom Dishes It Out.

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