Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Michael O'Hara and Friends to the Rescue

Recently I was asked to review a series of books by Patricia Richardson. I happily agreed because they were about leprechauns and we all know they live in Ireland. I dream of going to Ireland. Until that happens, I'll just do the next best thing. I'll read about it!

Well, where do I begin? When I found out I'd get copies to review, I was very excited. I love books for children and I thought Patricia Richardson's book would be a simple book with pretty pictures. I expected a story with a plot and characters that were entertaining and fun. What I got was something more. When I opened, "Michael O'Hara and Friends to the Rescue," I was very surprised to find that the pages were full of words. That was wonderful! The only (slight) issue I had was the font. It's bold (which I like) but a little "fancy" and old worldish. Fitting for the book, but sometimes I had to stop and think about a word to figure it out. Or, maybe I just need bifocals. I have to point out that the book was well written and full of detailed illustrations that made the characters life-like.

Patricia has a knack for developing a plot and then creating new underlying plots and stories within the original story. Her book was very creative and funny at times. The leprechauns travel and do a lot of modern things, like drive cars. The book is a mix of folklore with a modern twist that grabbed my attention from the beginning. The flow is great and it taught me a great deal. I learned about  history and culture. I also learned about Irish folklore. My children enjoyed the tale as much as I did. It's available on Amazon so I hope end of you'll check it out. It's almost as good as finding gold at the end of the rainbow!

Disclosure: I received this book in exchange for this review. Honest opinions only.

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