Thursday, January 31, 2013

Get The Film Joy On Amazon Instant Video!

The feature film, joy, is now available for rental or purchase.  It's a whimsical, magical tale of a one day journey, and a gift to my sister. Based on a true story, and set in a grocery store that actually exists, joy finds its way back from grief.   The film was co-produced by Foundation offJoy, a 501(c)3 public charity, founded in my sister's name.   We create art to raise funds and awareness for the wellness, health, artistic, and education needs of children, reproductive healthcare and human rights of women, and we have aligned our goals with the United Nations 8 Millennium Development Goals to eradicate poverty by 2015.   Our next work: two documentaries directed by award winning filmmakers.  The first one explores the first of the 8 UN goals: hunger.  We will explore child hunger in the United States, a country with plenty of food for each child, a country with advanced technological infrastructure, a sophisticated marketplace, and a country where 1 in 4 kids are hungry.   The other documentary explores the challenges of children aging out of the foster care system--with no support or resources.   This is the fastest growing group to experience homelessness.   By renting the film joy, on Amazon, you will be supporting FOJ and the filming and distribution of these documentaries.  Proceeds from the distribution of the documentaries will go back to the tireless, devoted nonprofits who work each and every single day with the goal of making the lives of children healthy, and with hope for a bright, productive and joyous future.  Each child matters.

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