Thursday, November 1, 2012

Worry Free Shopping: Babe-equip

 I'm shopping for Christmas and I've been looking for presents for my kids and my darling niece. I hate plastic toys (maybe that was harsh, but they break so easily!) and I avoid them when possible. I try to find toys made from wood or eco-friendly toys. Earlier today, I settled on an activity cube for my niece. I was excited when I discovered the same activity cube online at Babe-equip! This site for busy parents has a great selection of products. Their prices are really great too!
 I just love their wooden toys by EverEarth! They seem to be well made toys that will survive the destructive terrible twos with ease. After putting a few wooden toys to the test with my youngest, I have a lot of confidence in wooden toys! Plastic toys don't always survive a day. Aside from that, they may be toxic. Babe-equip takes the guesswork out of shopping. Their easy to navigate site has everything you could ever need or want for you child. They have all the essentials including travel systems, bouncers, bottles and more! They researched and found the safest products, which makes shopping a lot easier! I'm familiar with many of the brands they sell and I am thrilled to find so many safe products in one place! Babe-equip was started by parents. They carefully chose products to keep you and your little ones safe! Check them out and experience worry free shopping!

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