Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Happy Swim Times!

There is nothing nicer than taking your little ones swimming, but it can become a stressful experience for mum or dad, and chances are the kids will pick up on your tension which is the last thing a happy little aqua baby needs.

The main cause of that stress in the first couple of years of swimming is usually leaks and spills. So how to minimise the risk? Many people start with disposable swim nappies, and whether they work for you depends on how often you go swimming and whether the sizing’s right for your baby, which we all know is easier said than done. Some babies are just awkward and the side fastening of swim nappies means that if they’re a little chunkier or more petite than the ‘standard’ you can have a real problem keeping them watertight. Also if you plan to swim lots with your baby then they can be a very expensive option, unlike normal nappies you can only buy them in small packs and if you get through two per swim you can find yourself going through them at a rate of knots.

So what about reusable swim pants? These can be fab, comfier for titch and far less expensive; the only problem is that increasingly swimming pools are insisting that you use a disposable swim nappy underneath a reusable one, so if you’re doing it to be cost effective then you’re scuppered. Or so we thought, recently we’ve had great success with Konfidence swim pants and their double barrier protection means you don’t have to put a disposable nappy underneath, if you’re still afraid of leaks then you can pair them with their Napicova product which are wet-suit style trunks for over the swim pants. Even if you have one of those most talented babies who needs a full change of clothes for every nappy change, Konfidence swim pants and a Napicova should provide them with an insurmountable challenge.

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