Friday, September 21, 2012

A Party with a Difference!

There’s plenty to organise when planning your little one’s birthday party. Invites, location, food, the list is endless! One of the trickiest factors can often be the theme. This one is sure to be a winner for both boys and girls. An archaeologist’s party! Not only is it great fun (for children and their parents!) but it can be educational and interactive with nature and history. All you need is a garden and a few trowels! You can find a wide range of kits online featuring anything from dinosaur skulls to fossils to miniature Egyptian treasures! Half an hour burying various bits and pieces in the garden and the kids will be entertained for hours! It’s a great theme to work the other aspects of the party around too. Sandwich pyramids and dinosaur biscuits make great lunch options.
As for the party gift bags, there are numerous children’s gift ideas that can be added to continue their educational afternoon. Colouring pencils are great to allow the guests to draw their favourite ancient find of the party. You could also have a prize for the best young archaeologist of the day.
There’s also lots of opportunity for you and your children to plan the party together. You can have great fun choosing what tasty themed snacks to the dress codes for your little explorers. So what are you waiting for? Get your digging caps on!

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