Saturday, May 5, 2012

Kids Party World!

 This year, Kids Party World send a variety of awesome decorations for our birthday bash! They sent a cool banner that I can reuse next year, streamers, balloons, a dinosaur pinata with filler, and a decorated stick to bash the pinata!
 I used the latex balloons to decorate (the helium filled balloons were not included) and I placed them on the table and pinned them to the walls. I also placed a few on the china cabinet to make things a little more festive.
 Logan and Sam were so happy with the assortment! They went to my parent's house while we decorated. My husband hung the pinata outside after I filled it. The filler was great! It had was an awesome candy assortment and it also contained a few, cool little toys. Sam liked the squirt guns and Logan liked all the gum!
 My husband is a genius. I am being a bit sarcastic. He hung the pinata with scotch tape. At least he looped the tape a few times for extra strength...I know what you're thinking. I was thinking it too! It did hold up for the kids. Logan finally knocked it down. The dinosaur pinata was still intact. I wish they made cars that tough!
 After it was knocked down, the adults decided to play! They guys turned it into a baseball game and the pinata finally split! It was great fun, and the stick suffered no damage (except a little torn paper) after taking a brutal beating.
This was my first experience with Kids Party World. Everything was packed well and the birthday party supplies shipped quickly! We were pleased with the quality and service! They made our party fun for all the guests! Visit their site and check them out on Facebook and Twitter!
Disclosure: I was sent an assortment of products to review. All opinions are mine.