Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Creative Balloons!

You can have a birthday party without balloons, but why would you when it's this easy? Logan always wanted balloons at his party. One year, my husband brought him one. We hate bringing them home. If one popped while I was driving, I can only imagine how I would react. It could be dangerous! This year, we were all in for a treat when Creative Balloons sent their small Yankee Doodle Dandee E-Z Balloon Kit. Our kit was easy to use. I removed the lightweight tank and 20 balloons. The tank has a valve that I had to turn in order to fill my balloons. Next, I placed my balloons on the nozzle and pressed down. My balloons already had ribbon and a plastic valve attached, making it easy to fill and tie them down. The process was simple. I was able to fill 18 of my balloons because I overfilled one and had a problem getting a secure fit with one of the balloons before filling. Some helium leaked out as I was filling. My fault completely. I should have paid more attention! This was easy and quick, and my kids LOVED the balloons. We tied some to the mailbox, chairs, and placed few in the center of the table. It made our day really special! Next year, I will definitely purchase one for our party!
Purchase online or find a retailer here! There are 2 sizes available:

The Small Kit includes:

20 E-Z Safety Seal® Pre-Strung Valved Assorted Color Latex Balloons

1 Portable, Recyclable (non-refillable) Helium Cylinder & Inflation Nozzle

The Large Kit includes:

50 E-Z Safety Seal® Pre-Strung Valved Assorted Color Latex Balloons

1 Portable, Recyclable (non-refillable) Helium Cylinder & Inflation Nozzle

Watch the 90-second demo video:

Decorate for a party or special event in only 20 minutes. Just take the light-weight E-Z Balloon Kit® to your destination (picnics, barbecues, party venue, etc.) and inflate the balloons on the spot. No more driving through traffic with pre-inflated balloons, which obstructs visibility and is potentially dangerous. Just put the E-Z Balloon Kit® in the car, and you’re set to go.

The magic of the award-winning E-Z Balloon Kit® is in the self-sealing “E-Z Safety Seal®” balloon valve, which is pre-inserted into each latex balloon at our factory. Each valve features 4-feet of colorful, coiled, satin ribbon pre-attached. The valved balloon enables you to simply inflate the balloon (the valve seals the helium in the balloon, so no knot needs to be tied). Then just uncoil the ribbon. It’s that E-Z!

The self-sealing valve is a safety feature (that all moms and dads will surely appreciate). If a child were to put the deflated balloon in their mouth (because many young children think they are toys), this valve would prevent choking. We always recommend adult supervision, even though the product is intended for anyone over the age of 8. This product was safety-tested by a leading independent laboratory and complies with U.S. Consumer Product Safety regulations.

After using the E-Z Balloon Kit, put the empty helium cylinder in your curbside recycling can since its recyclable and disposable! It's so E Z!

Disclosure: I was sent a small kit to try in order to complete this post.

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