Friday, April 8, 2011

Tempt Your Tastebuds With Popcorn Palace And Save!

 I love popcorn but I haven't had much luck with flavored popcorn. I've received some in the past that was soggy, chewy, or just plain bad. Recently, I was asked to review popcorn from Popcorn Palace. I put in my request and within days my popcorn arrived. It was hard to decide which popcorn looked the best, so I asked for anything chocolate, Fleur de Sel, and anything else they would like to send.
I unpacked my box and pulled out mini bags of Chicago Style, Caramel Nut, Fleur de Sel, Sea Salt, Chocolate Drizzle and Chipotle Cheese. Oh my goodness, they were all awesome! It's rare that I love all flavors that a person or company sends my way. I will try just about anything and if I don't like it, my husband or kids will.  This time, they were out of luck. Just kidding. I shared...really! The Chocolate Drizzle Caramel Corn was my favorite!!! I love caramel corn and these popped kernels were large and crisp. Delicious chocolate drizzle was evenly drizzled and it was pretty heavy without making the popcorn overly sweet or too heavy or rich. That's a little dangerous because you can eat it until the bag is empty. Better order extra!

The Fleur de Del was my second favorite and unlike others I've tried, I could really taste the salt. The caramel corn is sweet and the flakes of salt are generous without being too salty. I was left with a pleasant salt sting on my tongue along with the sweetness of the popped corn. Tasting it was a great experience and a real treat!

 I didn't think I'd like Chicago Style. Come on, cheddar and caramel??? Together? They go together like two left feet. Or so I thought. After reluctantly trying it...together... I became a believer of this sweet and salty mix. The cheddar compliments the caramel in an unusual way and I still have problems thinking of the two together. But it works. And it's actually great! The Caramel Nut was wonderful. It was so much more grown up than the boxed grocery store caramel popcorn and nut mixes. This even tasted gourmet. Maybe because it is!
The Chipotle Cheese was devoured by Logan. I had to act quick to taste it! The cheddar was almost creamy when it hit my mouth and it had a nice little kick. It's addicting and I think it's the best cheddar popcorn I've ever had. The Sea Salt and Cracked Pepper popcorn was great, but it seemed pretty basic compared to the other flavors I tried. Perhaps I shouldn't have saved it for last! I mean, that Chocolate Drizzle is a hard act to follow. It's really good and crisp and each mouthful has the perfect amount of salt and a litt;e bite of pepper. It left less of a salty aftertaste than the Fleur de Sel and the natural flavor of the popcorn was allowed to really shine through. Now, don't you want some? Save 20% by entering code GERBER at checkout! Good through June 7, 2011! Popcorn Palace, you rock!
Disclosure: I was sent samples in order to complete this review. They also provided Birthday Favors that will be featured in an upcoming post.


Joe said...

GORGEOUS! and the pictures are darn good too!
Makes me want to grab one - two!

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